Barry Lamar Bonds named to the Bay Area Sports hall of fame. Congratulations !

February 12, 2015

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Barry Bonds baseball great and San Francisco Giants great has just been named  as  a Bay Area sports hall of famer. the Bay Area sports hall of fame  recogonizes great Bay Area sports athletes. some of the  member of the Bay Area sports hall of fame includes  4 x Super   bowl champion and MVP quarterback Joe Montana and late great Raiders owner AL Davis. AL was a coach and scout assistant coach and  the commisoner of the AFL   the Raiders won 3 super Bowl with AL davis as the owner of the Raiders he is in  the Bay area sports hall of fame. I think this is great and congratulations to Barry Bond he is the all time Home run champion with 762 homeruns. Bond hit monster  hoemeruns and hit splash homeruns into McCovey Cove. while as a member of the Giants the San Francisco Giants made the  world series in 2002.   Bay Area sports hall of famers recieve a plaque when they get inducted. I know  Barry would love to be a baseball hall of famer  but at least this is a well deserved start .being acknowledged in the  great Bay Area Sports hall of fame  Congratulation Barry Lamar Bonds !



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