Halftime Super Bowl show 2015 Katy Perry and Missy Elliot one of the best of all time halftime shows

February 5, 2015

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I want to give props to Katy Perry for her halftime show this past Super Bowl Sunday February 1, 2015. Everyone keeps talking about the sharks in the costumes she had dancing with her. that was fun but I think she had a great performance as well  ! I like her performance  when she sang California Girls  and I liked her outfit , it was suppose to be like a beach ball dress. I also liked when she sang  Fireworks.  Katy Perry had good excitement and good entertaining and fun half time show. here is the lovely beautiful talented Katy Perry we love you Katy Perry you are awesome  _Phillip from Galt

Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show February 1 2015














Katy Perry during California Girls  with her beach ball themed dress she looks so pretty and cute . she was great during halftime. and had a fun and good performance during the super bowl that brought viewers watching the Super Bowl joy and fun. I had fun watching the halftime !

Here is Katy Perry performing fire work she was awesome on this  song too

Katy Perry firework during the supoer bowl half time show

















I also liked Katy Perry invited Special guest appearance Missy Elliot ! She sang  get your freak on and work it. Missy is a great singer and performer and rapper I think she is a pioneer in hip hip and the queen of hip hop  Props to Katy Perry for having Missy Elliot apart of the Super Bowl Half time show and Pros to Missy Elliot for her dope rap beats too !  from Phillip from Galt


Katy Perry and Missy elliot super bowl Feb 1 2015

















missy Elliot and Katy Perry during the super Bowl halftime show  Missy is the queen of hip hop in my opinion

missy Elliot February 1 2015  super bowl half time show 1

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