Good bye to CandleStick Park 1971 - 2015 former home of the 49ers last played there in 2013 season. Demolition has begun on Candlestick Park

February 5, 2015

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Candlestick Park the former Home of the San Francisco 49ers as Well as the San Francisco Giants is now being tore down demolished the brand in  tractors and machines bull dozers to tear the field and the park down .   i just wanted to give one last shout out to  my favorite and best players to play at CandleStick Park and to my favorite team the San Francisco 49ers !


my first football game ever was a 49ers game at Candlestick and the 49ers and Lions played that day and  the Oakland Hills were on fire , I remember Jerry Rice and Steve young played and Barry Sanders played for the lions  the Oakland hills were on fire and we saw the sky was all gray and all the ash from the fire was in the sky.


Here is CandleStick Park



















the Best quarterback and  Wide Reciever Duo  in  my opinion  Steve Young to Jerry Rice . together  they have 85 touchdown Young to Rice. they have a Super Bowl Championship together and   they are both  hall of famers they played great games at Candlestick  Park


Young and Rice

















Dwight Clark one of my favorite players had the best play in NFL history at  CandleStick Park in  1982 the NFC championship game vs Dallas Cowboys in the back of the end zone quarterback Joe Montana found Dwight Clark who made what is known as the” Catch” Dwight Clark was  being covered by the cowboys defensive backs and  Joe has pressure on him and still found Dwight Clark in the end zone and  it sent  the 49ers to the Super Bowl   . Dwight Clark  made a leaping catch it was great  “the catch ”

dwight-clark the catch















Dwight Clark  making the “Catch”  Joe Montana to Clark at CandleStick finally beat the Dallas Cowboy  and the 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl  !

Dwight Clark with his 49ers  5 super bowl rings as a player and as the 49ers President in the front office !

DCLARK 5 super bowls













Bubba Paris one of my favorite players and he is nice and I’ve met him he is a big guy and helped block for  Joe  Montana.  Bubba one of my  favorite 49ers had lots of memories at candlestick and played in  super bowls while as a 49ers player !

bubba  Paris 49ers



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