San Francisco 49ers new headcoach Jim Tomsula and coaching staff

January 22, 2015

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the 49ers have their new headcoach Jim Tomsula . Tomsula has been with the 49ers since 2007 he was formerly the Defensive linemen coach.  I actually like this hire a little, promoting within the organization. the palyers are already familiar with him, a lot of the player like him and have already established a relationship with him . I think time will tell to how Tomsula will do as the 49ers headcoach but i think  he might do good. he deosn’t have to change a whole lot defensively since he is familiar with the defensce.


Jim Tomsula 49ers















Jason Tarver  former defensive coordiantor for the Raiders has now been hired by the 49ers as a linebackers coach. this is  Traver’s 2nd stint with the 49ers he was previously a running backs coach and offensive assistant . Jason  Tarver is intense and has a lot of passion and energy on the sidelines I like this hire

Jason Tarver Raiders defensive coodiantor now 49ers linebackers coach



















there has been speculation and Jeff Garcia foremr 49ers quarterback has said in radio interviews that he is actively pursuing a NFL coaching opportunity Garcia is currently a quarterback coach  for the Montreal Alouettes . Garcia was  4x pro bowler during his playing career he had a big playoff victory leading the 49ers over the NY Giants  in a 2002/ 2003 playoffs. Garcia  follwed  Steve Young as  49ers quarterback, Garcia has lots of football knowledge and has been around the game of football for a long time. I really hope the 49ers will look at and eventually get Jeff Garcia he  would work with Kapernick good and work on his mechanics and offer great advise.  !

Jeff Garcia former 49ers quarterback



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