who does a thing like that ???

January 8, 2015

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In Scotland a pet owner apparently didn’t want their dog. the person he/she left their dog a railway station. They left the dog  Kai is apparently his name maybe he had a name tag. they left  kai with  a suitcase full of  the dog kai’s belongings pillow, toy, food,  food bowl.  what a curel abandonment to leave your dog  a best friend and dogs are like family members .  who would do such a thing like that ?  there could have been a better way  not want a dog ,  you could put him up for adoption or  ask friends / neighbor if they would like to have your dog.  but don’t just leave and kick someone out in the streets nobody  people or animals pet don’t deserve that. But on a positive side people are calling to adopt Kai. so hopefully he finds a good kind family .


here is the picture below of  Kai below  cute guy !


Ky the dog


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