Pitcher Randy Johnson aka Big Unit elected to the baseball Hall of fame

January 8, 2015

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The big unit Randy Johnson was recently announced to be a 2015 baseball hall of famer.  The big Unit always had that big arm . and  an intiminating force at   6 feet 10 inches on the pitchers mound. Randy  johnson has and ERA of  3.29   10x All star  games,he is a World Series champion in 2001 when he pitched for the Arizona Diamondbacks and they beat the Yankees. he got the big unit when he colided with his team mate  when he was a montreal Expo and his team mate said you are a big unit and the nickname stuck ! Randy Johnson had a powerful fastball a dominant fastball that hardly any body could get off of him ! one time in spring training he pitched his fastball and a bird came flying in the path of that ball and that bird exploded , the birds feathers  exploded all over the field and the bird died . poor bird. !  he didn’t even see that ball coming. Randy Johnson also played for the San Francisco Giants getting his 300th win as a member of the Giants. Congratulations to  the Big unit Randy johnson one of my favorite players one of the Hall of famers selected for the 2015  baseball Hall of fame .  – Phillip  from Galt

Randy Johnson as a member of the Seattle Mariners !

randy _johnson_mariners1_300



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