Thank You coach Jim Harbaugh for the great 49ers memories as HeadCoach

December 31, 2014

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I love Bay Area football  49ers are my most favorite team and  I like the Raiders too !   love for both sides of the bay.  As a 49ers fan I want to say thank you to Coach Jim Harbaugh. he has passion for the game and he is intense and has the drive to win and succeed on and off the football field.  The 49ers did a lot of winning under Coach the 49ers . they made it to the playoffs and they went to a Super bowl and they lost but they went and were NFC champions.  Colin Kapernick learned a lot from Coach Harbaugh and Coach Harbaugh was a teacher. Coach Harbaugh showed what it was like to win and to have passion for the game.  Now Coach Harbaugh is going back to be a college coach for Michigan wolverines his alma mater.  I think any team that has Coach Jim Harbaugh is gonna be highly competitive and gonna have a chance to win . thank  you coach Harbaugh for  being a  great coach and a class act as the  49ers head coach. all the best to you at Michigan Coach jim Harbaugh  .

now ex Headcoach of the 49ers did a lot of winning while he was headcaoch  leading the 49ers to the Super
Bowl.  under Jim Harbaugh the  49ers had a winning record.  lots of passion and energy Coach Jim Harbaugh has  .

Coach Jim Harbaugh 49ers
















John Harbaugh coach of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh when they lead their teams  the Baltimore Ravens and  San Francisco 49ers to the Super bowl in New Orelans. The Ravens won the super bowl but it was a great game and the 49ers played really tough and it was great that Coach Jim Harbaugh lead them to the  super Bowl

harbaugh brothers john and Jim super Bowl

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