Phillip from Galt music podcast and shout outs Happy New Years

December 31, 2014

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Happy  New Years  . Phillip from Galt last music podcast . shout outs from all my sports friends and wrestling friends I met in 2014


dwight Clark  49ers legend and super bowl champion and me Phillip from Galt one of the  NFL legend  Dwight Clark he made the Catch  from Joe Montana to beat  Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs Dwight Clark gave me a shot out for my radio show  too

dwight clark and me Phillip december 2014

















meeting my favorite wrestler and  favorite wrestling champion of all time was my my favorite memory of 2014 and meet jimmy mouth of the south hart he is such a nice man and a great wrestling manager and he’s hulk hogan’s friends


me and Hulk Hogan













hot 1035 logo new 1





radio clip art





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