Phillip from Galt weekly radio online show , shout outs

December 23, 2014

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me Phillip from Galt hosting on the microphone my podcast radio online show.  I got some shout outs from  some football players and super Bowl champions like  Dan Bunz from the 49ers and Morris Bradshaw from the Raiders Super bowl champion and George Atkinson from the Raiders super bowl champion.  and I got a shot from hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim duggan  Hoooooooooo !!


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MC  Hammer Oaktown  !!!!

















Morris Bradshaw  Raiders wide reciever Super Bowl champion

Morris Bradshaw  raiders wr













hard hitting defensive back George Atkinson  Oakland Raiders super bowl champion

George Atkinson defensive back  super Bowl champion

















hooooooooo   USA  Hacksaw Jim Duggan King Hacksaw Jim duggan   football tackle

Hacksaw Jim duggan  hoooooo  usa

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