Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Happy New Years . / Who would you like to get a Christmas kiss from under-neath the mistletoe

December 23, 2014

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Merry Christmas to everybody and I hope all your Christmas wishes and dreams come true.   I wish everybody lots of love and healthy and happy great New Years in 2015 . new opportunities and good opportunities.































Merry  Christmas with family and friends and loved ones














Who would you  want to get  a Christmas kiss from underneath the  Mistletoe 


I was was thinking of the a Christmas  kiss underneath the mistletoe. We all want to be loved and liked. and prat of being loved is getting a kiss from someone you like . The Christmas  tradition is to get a kiss under-neath the mistletoe .














the kisses i was thinking of  for Christmas and kissing under-neath the mistletoe are from a friend you like or have a crush on. I love this girl and I would love a kiss from her for Christmas. She is pretty and cute and nice .   and for married people obviously you want to get a kiss from you wife /husband.  girlfriends and boyfriends want to kiss under the mistletoe.  how about from a celebrity ? which favorite celebrity that you have  a crush on would you want to have a Christmas kiss from under-neath the mistletoe ?


the Celebrity i would like to kiss under-neath the mistletoe is Selena Gomez. I think she is so pretty and cute. I am a fan of her songs, like who says, slow down the song,  come and get it,   I think Selena Gomez is so pretty and talented and she is  positive nice person.  I would my celebrity crush and kiss under-neath the mistletoe from Selena Gomez  .   well I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years and hope all your wishes and dreams come true and you all get kisses from your sweet hearts

Selena Gomez




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