Hulk Hogan to be on WWE Raw this Monday 12-22-2014 Special guest host , Raw GM

December 18, 2014

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The one the only Hulk Hogan the best wrestler and wrestling champion of all time will be on WWE Monday Night Raw this Monday December  22, 2014.   Hulk Hogan was champion in WWE and WCW and was the leader of one of the Notorious wrestling factions of all, the  NWO .  He was Hollywood Hulk Hogan and turned “heel” on us.  He battled WCW stars for the WCW championship like Lex Luger, Macho Man Randy  Savage and Sting and bill Goldberg and Ric flair.   sometimes Hollywood Hogan would cheat instead of follow the rules like the did when he was the immortal Hulk Hogan.   Hollwood Hogan would cheat sometimes and do what ever he had to, to keep his WCW championship belt . Hulk Hogan came back to the fans with the red and yellow, he won the WWE championship when he came back to WWE  he beat Triple H  . Hulk Hogan is the best. he has the leg drop the 24 in pythons and can  wrestle and fight anybody still he is working  out at the gym where he got his 24 in pythons he is working out at  they gym at Venice Beach , California. Hulk is diffinetly coming for somebody and will Hulk up on them brother! maybe he will have wrestling toys this monday for all the good girls and boys. maybe he can make some matches on Raw , what ever it is. Hulk Hogan will be in the house and he will run wild . maybe Hulk  Hogan Will get Rusev and Hulk up on  him and hulk Hogan and Ryback  who is starting to beef with Rsuev maybe they can  team up and throw Rusev out of the Arena  and  ring maybe hulk Hogan can make a match between Rusev and Ryback for the United States belt.    We will be watching Hulk Hogan on Raw this Monday .


one time when Hulk hogan was on Raw Brock lesnar got in his face and interrupted his birthday celebration  and Hulk Doesn’t back down Hulk got in his face.  Hulk Hogan can still battle with  Brcok lesnar or anybody else in wreslting !!   you never know what will happen on Raw.  Go Hulk Hogan

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