A Year in Review 2014

December 18, 2014

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The Year 2014 . is coming to and end. there is a lot of stuff that sticks out  and a lot of blessings. and we try to look forward . but I want to bring up some positives but some are just memories, an things that stick out in the past  Year ! do you remember these memories too ?


Sports  2014

Oakland Raiders.  2 things that stick out to me about the Raiders  2  players    Derek  Carr rookie Quarterback. this year the  Raiders are so far 2 -12  with 2 more games to  play. and that isn’t easy !  Derek Carr has shown himself as a leader he has a lot of fight and toughness , you can see he wants to win. and is respectful to his peers and teammates. he is a class act , on the field he  has smarts and makes good smart decisions  he has a hell of a throwing arm and can make plays with his feet too.   Derek Carr is gonna be a winner he has the right attitude.    I think he will be  and deserves to be rookie of the year


I like Charles Woodson a future hall of famer he’s a super bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers.    he has played 17 great seasons in the NFL he’s 38 but he has not slowed down a bit.  he has 3 interceptions on the year  and 1 sack and a bunch of  tackles. C. Wood  can  play great and play for another year if he wants. He will be a future hall of famer. its still fun to see him play and  make big plays and contribute and be a great leader.
















NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders




















The San Francsico Giants Won the World Series . The Giants had a great playoffs . Pablo Sandoval and Hunter  Pence were some stars that produced in the Giants season and playoffs and pitcher Madison Bumgarner was awesome.  he closed  down games and was  great. and was fire !    this was the Giants third world series title since  2010  ,  2012, 2014  3rd World Series title

Madison Bumgarner








SF Giants World Series champion





















Personal moment of the the year.


my favorite personal moment this year was meeting Hulk Hogan my favorite Wrestler of all time. the best Wrestler and wrestling champion. he was the WWE WWF WCW champion , I liked his finishing move the  big leg drop.   Hulk hogan is the best Wrestler. it was a dream come true one of my wrestling dreams to  meet Hulk Hogan. I met him in November with our radio station Hot 103.5 Sacramento when the tickets for WreslteMania 31 tickets for WrestleMania 31 went on sale.  March 29 2015 at Levi Stadium. Hulk Hogan and WWE were Promoting WrestleMania and I was lucky enough to go with my radio pals.  Alex ,  Robby from 101.9 the wolf our sister station and  JayMarzz from Hot 1035  morning show.    Hulk hogan had his long time wrestling manager hulk Hogan  with him. Jimmy Mouth of the south Hart. Jimmy Hart was so nice and he had his trademark  mega phone. and Hulk hogan gave me a radio shout out for me blog and  for special olympics because I play special Olympics athletics and WWE partners with Sepcial Olympics. it always good to meet  your sports / wrestling hero and espicially when they are nice.  thank you Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. I will always remember it . !

me and Hulk Hogan














Music 2014

in the music scene a  star that stood out to  me  is Iggy Azalea , she had her songs like fancy,  no mediocre ,  Problem with Ariana Grande.   Iggy Azalea did her thing. she is an awesome talent too. I giver her the Artis of the year ! and Fancy was he big hit of the year.  she has good songs called feel good music. that put you in a good mood.

















A break out singer i want to tell you and be on the look out for her in 2015. Anjali World aka Anjali Ranadive. she has a song with French  Montana called  Turn up.  She has her newest song called Nobody ft. Tyga.   she is very up lifting and positive she sings R&B type of style. her voice is so good she is talented and hungry.  she is no stranger to success. with her early music success. she is also the daughter of  Vviek Ranadive Sacramento Kings owner. Anjali also runs a foundation called jaws & paws which helps endagered animals like tigers , bear, polar bears, wolves. wild life . Anjali put on such a good show she will be doing good things in 2015

Anjali  Nobody












2014 Deaths

this is in memory of a couple people that left us this past year !    R.I. P.  Rest in peace to them and continued prayers out  the their family and friends and love ones.


Robin Williams – had depression and has parkinson. he ended his life apparnetly hanging himself.  fans, family and friends Miss Robin Williams. he was a comedic geneius! he shared his gift with others by knowing how to make people laugh. he  conncected with his audience.  Robin Williams was great actor and funny good person. God bless him R.I.P.  to Robin Williams


35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Portraits
















the ultimate Warrior his death really sticks out.  he just made peace with Vince McMahon the Chairman and owner of WWE wresling. Ultimate Warrior WWE Champion and Intercontenintal champion. he was intense in and out of the ring and had a lot of passion . he was powerful and lots of strength one of the strong men in his time he battled Andre the Giant and had and epic battle at WrestleMania  6 with Hulk hogan when Ultimate Warrior was Interconeintal champion and Hulk Hogan was  WWe/ WWF Champion it was title for title match and Ultimate Warrior actually kicked out of  hulk hogan’s leg drop. not to many  wrestlers have done that.  And Ultimate Warrior  gave hulk Hogan a big splash and won the WWe/ WWF belt  from Hulk Hogan inside of sky dome in Toronto , Canada   Ultimate Warrior Made the  Hall of fame at WreslteMania 30  weekend in New Orleans and was inducted .  Ultimate Warrior then came on Raw following WreslteMania and he said thank you to the fans and gave  great speech about making the hall of fame. he said the spirit of the Warrior will live forever and run forever, Because the Ultimate Warrior was always know for his passion and energy and intesnsity when ever he had a match  he  full on ran / sprinted to the ring.  he said on WWE Wrestler becomes a star on their own. the fans decide who will be  legends. Ultimate Warrior dies after he gave that speech and was on  Raw the following next day .   it was kinda  like a  great send off that we didn’t know was gonna be a send off. RI.P Ultimate Warrior.  fans,  family and friends miss you.

The Ultimate Warrior as the WWE/ WWf  champion was known for  painting his face with the war paint his colorful ring attire and  for always running sprinting to the ring !!  energy like know other !

Ultimate Warrior running to the ring !













The Ultimate Warrior after he just had been inducted into the WWE Hall of fame WrestleMania 30 Weekend . and wanted to be on Raw and thank the fans this would be his last time we would see him. he died the  next day .

Ultimate Warrior last WWe appaearance April 7 2014 Monday night raw

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