former WWE Wrestler CM Punk now to fight for UFC. Stepping in the Octagon

December 9, 2014

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WWE Wrestler CM Punk real name Phil Brooks who left the WWE ealrier this year after the Royal Rumble .CM Punk and the WWE did not end on the best of terms. CM Punk was unhappy with the behind the scenes politics in the WWE he was mad over his character in WWE and wanted more controll . there is all kinds of speculation what lead to CM Punk leaving the WWE.  while with WWE CM Punk loved controversy. there was an interview he did called the “pipe bomb” interview supposebly it was an un scrippted interview and he mentioned other wrestlers and fried wrestler from the company.  CM Punk was also the champion he held the tag team championships interconteintal championship he was the longest WWE Champion for consecutive days   defending and holding the WWE championship for over a year.

CM Punk is not afraid to speak his mind. he is articulate and is a good communicator he is  passionate and not afraid to  speak up and do what he wants.  I think he is smart and he is not going to Step in the Octagon for fun. he is coming to fight , he said this in his announcement during  Joe Rogan interviewing him.  he said he trained in muay thai . he said he did grappling , WWE takes slams and he can do that . so I think CM Punk will be okay. it might take a few fights to get comfortable but I don’t think he is gonna get his butt kicked and destroyed. he is passionate and  smart guy. well we’ll see when he steps in the Octagon. !
















CM Punk as the WWE Champion

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