NFL : Battle of the Bay 49ers at Oakland Raiders this weekend Sunday December 7 , 2014

December 4, 2014

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Bay Area football  NFL fans  this weekend should be exciting !  the Battle of the Bay 49ers playing the Raiders in Oakland . this weekend Sunday December 7 2014.  the last time the  49ers  and Raiders played any type of game was August of 2011 a pre season game. the  reason they haven’t played lately is because of the schedule and also because the August 2011 pre season game that was played between  the 2 teams the Raiders and 49ers the 49ers fans and Raiders got in fight  . 2 fans were shot the game was played in San Francisco at Candlestick!  usually its Raiders fans that had the bad “rap” . they would say fights, cursing fans throwing things. let me tell you. my dad has been a ticket holder since 1995 and I go to games with my dad. and the
raiders fans are loyal and good atmosphere every once in a while you see drunks and “knuckle heads ” but its a pretty good and friendly  enviroment Raiders fans are loyal to their team and like to have fun . so  I hope everybody can enjoy the game 49ers and Raiders fans together. and no fights. be cool !

on the field the Raiders are 1- 11  and 49ers are 7 -5. the 49ers could possibly stay in the hunt if they win this game.  I am looking forward to the game. I want the 49ers to beat the Raiders with score like 29 -0 I want the 49ers to shut the Raiders out. !  I hope Colin Kapernick can have a big game and make plays with his arm and feet and go for runs , he is a good running player/  quarterback . I hope Vernon Davis can get involved this week. and when Colin Kapernick can get  Vernon the ball Vernon is a big threat and weapon. Go  49ers we will see what happens.


Colin Kapernick and Vernon Davis