Sting makes his WWE Debut at Survivor Series this past Sunday November 23 2014

November 26, 2014

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Sting he’s been in WCW he was had the buzz cut an painted his face with “war Paint” with all kinds of c0lors then he painted his face white with black stripes.  Sting has Been the WCW champion and he has done wrestling battle with all the great like Hulk Hogan the Giant aka the big show in WCW Ric Flair Macho Man Randy  Savage. Sting is a wrestling great. then when WCW close and Vince McMahon bought WCW, Sting still did not sign with the WWE.  he went to TNA he was the champion at TNA Impact. he beat top guys like Bully Ray dudley , James Storm, Bobby Rood , Samoan Joe. Sting was champion in TNA and a general Manager and ran the show, he made sure thing were handled and fair and no cheating.  Sting finally signed with  WWE Ealrier this Year, he made some promotional apperacnces for WWE like at San Diego comic con and  for WWE  Video game .  Sting finally made his  WWE Debut.  WWE has always been the #1 best wrestling company and Sting had  yet to ever be in  a WWE  until this past sunday  where it was the autority Triple and H and Stephanie and their team with  Seth rollins, rusev , Kane, Mark Henry and Luke Harper had to wrestle against Team John Cena,  John Cena, Dolph ziggler , Eric Rowand , The Big   Show, and the big Guy  Ryback .and if the authority team lost Triple H and his wife stephanie would loose power from running WWE Monday Night  Raw and Friday Night Smackdown  if the autority lost. At one point triple H knocke out a WWE Referee and pedigreed his finishing move on Dolph Ziggler. Sting then made his debut and  came down to the ring and stared down Triple h. Triple H then went to make the first move and tried to punch sting but sting move and caught  Triple H for the first time in the Scorpion death Drop one of sting’s finishing moves. Sting is now in WWE . I hope this will lead to  a Sting and Triple H  match at WWE WrestleMania 31  – Phillip from Galt












Sting is now in the WWE














Sting’s WWE Debut at Survivor Series  staring down triple H


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