WWE WrestleMania Pre Sale ticket party at Levis Stadium Santa Clara Re- Cap

November 20, 2014

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So last week JayMarzz for the morning show  Hot 1035 and  Robby from 101. 9 the wolf and  myself  had the opportunity of a life time and go to the WrestleMania Pre Sale ticket party .last Friday at Levis Stadium home of the 49ers . It was so fun and cool  i had an opportunity to meet some of my favorite wrestlers of all time and my all time wrestling favorite and Hall of famers and Wreslting champions booker t ,  he’s been world heavyweight champion 6 times. 5 time WCW champion  and a WWE world heavy weight champion. he was tag team champion with his brother stevie ray harlem heat. Booker T  he was king booker when he won the king of the Ring and. I met the WWE WCW champion  the greatest wrestler of all time he body slammed Andre the Giant and he beat the great Macho Man Randy Savage Hulk hogan battle undertaker and won his WWf belt back from  Undetaker after undertaker beat him at survivor series 1991.  Hulk Hogan fought Sgt. Slaughter when he turned Iraqi on us.and Hulk Hogan won the WWF belt at WrestleMania 7 when he beat Sgt. Slaughter and Hulk Hogan fought for America. Hulk Hogan made the infamous NWO  and has success he beat bill Goldberg in WCW and Ric Fliar one of the best 16 time world heavyweight champion Hulk Hogan is my wrestling hero I got to meet him and legenday wreslting manager Jimmy mouth of the south  hart. jimmy Hart manager some of the best  wrestlers to championship in WWE / WWF / WCW  the honky tonk Man  intercontenintal champion. The Nasty Boys  tag team champions and eventually managed Hulk hogan when he turned “face” and helped stop an attack that Million Dollar Man ted Dibiase Money Inc. he stopped their attack on Brutus the Barber beefcake. ! and I met  legendary Ric Flair woooo the  16 time world  heavyweight champion in WCW / WWE  I met his daughter Charlotte she  wrestles in the WWE’s NXT and she is womens champion and she is good wrestling in the ring like her dad.  thanks WWE and  Hulk Hogan,  Jimmy Hart Charlotte and Booker T and Wade Barrett.


WWE WrestleMania happens March 29 2015 Levis Stadium Santa Clara Sunday. it will be something to remember.  Maybe Sting will wrestle there. maybe Hulk hogan will do something like he was the host of WrestleMania last year. well  get you ticket to WWE WrestleMania and if you can’t wait for WWE til WrestleMania WWE Live will be at Sleep train Arena Sacramento, Ca January 2015.  get your tickets soon !


wrestlemania-31 Santa Clara


me and Jimmy  mouth of the south jimmy Hart Jimmy Hart manager . jimmy Hart manage many wrestling champions including hulk Hogan my wrestling hero and I’m big Hulkamaniac brother and I told hulk hogan i play special olympics which is near and dear to me and I am proud to be an athlete and  WWE partners with  Special olympics too thanks WWe for your help. Hulk hogan the best Wreslting champion of all time

me and Hulk Hogan

me and charlotte WWe










me and Charlotte NXT women’s champion and daughter if Ric flair 16x World heavyweight champion


me Phillip from Galt and the 5x WCW champion and WWE world heavyweight champion  GM of Friday night Smackdown  booker T King of the ring booker  t

me Phillip and WWe champion booker t

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