Giving A big Shout out to WWE Manager Great Jimmy "mouth of the South" Hart and WWE Interconteintal champion Wade Barrett aka Bad news Barrett for coming to Sacramento and Hot 1035 to talk about WreslteMania 31 March 29 2015 Santa Clara

November 13, 2014

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I want to give  WWE manager Great he was the Manager of such wrestlers and guided many wrestlers to  WWE  / WWF championship belts. Jim Hart the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart he managed Million Dollar Man Ted dibiase and IRS the money Inc. when they were tag team champion , he manage Honky Tonk Man when he was the longest reigning interconteintal champion he managed the earthquake he also Manager  the Great Hulk Hogan  red and Yellow when Hulk Hogan won the WWF  / WWE title and when Hulk Hogan went to WCW Jimmy Hart was with him when he won the WCW belt against Ric Flair. Jimmy Hart would be seen at ring side with his trademark Mega Phone  he used to shout instructions to wrestlers he managed

We also had  Wade Barett aka Bad News Barrett he’s been the leader of the Nexus  and the Core and a multiple times interconteintal champion and  he has the bull hammer  finishing move and he’s coming back to  WWE soon !  that’s some good news !

they came to Hot 1035 and talked about WrestleMania 31  which comes next year March 29, 2014 to Santa Clara , Ca the home of the 49ers  Levi’s stadium.  they took a picture with me and my friend JayMarzz from the morning show


( me Phillip from Galt with my  WWE championship belt  , Jimmy mouth of the south  Jimmy Hart,  JayMarzz and  interconteinital champion Wade Barrett  aka Bad News Barrett  )  picture of us !  thank you WWE  and Jimmy Hart and Wade Barrett


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