Kim Kardashian "breaks the internet "

November 12, 2014

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Kim Kardashina is up to her antics yet again. she posed for a cover of a magazine. she call it ” break the internet” which mean she has everybody on the internet talking about here picture everybody on social media, and blogs. So  why not me ? I will  help the beautiful Kim Kardashina “break the internet ” too.  Kim Kardashian posed for the magazine cover of  Paper Magazine. in one picture appreantly its real not photo shopped show Kim Kardashian balancing a champaign glass on her butt. and in another picture she is exposing her booty/ butt. I can’t complain but still though, I wouldn’t be happy if I was her husband Kanye West.  I am sure if you “googled” Kim Kardashian breaks the internet you can find the picture. I will just post this picture of Kim Kardashian a “little more covered” up  in her little white bikini. ! – Well Kim Kardashian you “crazy and wild lady” I helped you  ” break the internet”  too ! – Phillip from Galt


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