Best player in the NFL today.

November 12, 2014

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so I was at the Raiders game on Sunday. The Raiders played the Denver Broncos. and of coures the Broncos quarterback is the great Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning has the most thrown touchdowns in NFL history! he broke that record that was previously held by Brett Favre super bowl champion and Pro bowler and all pro quarterback . Peyton broke the record for the most thrown touchdowns this season. Peyton Manning has 520 and still counting touchdowns. I know he’s older he’s played 17 great season in the NFL , I know he’s had a neck injury. but I still say Peyton is the best player in the NFL. he will probably make the pro bowl , the broncos will make the playoffs and possibly Peyton can win his 2nd super bowl champi0nship. Peyton can lead the broncos to a win against anybody he can make comeback wins too. I still say Peyton Manning is the best player today.  but at the same time. there is another great quarterback with 3  super bowls and he is a great leader has thrown lots of touchdown is an all pro  and pro bowler and will be a future hall of famer Tom Brady quarterback of the New England PAtriots. Peyton Manning has to find a way to beat Tom Brady in the Playoffs. they have been great rivals, sometimes Brady comes out on top sometime Peyton Manning. so if Peyton can find away to  beat Tom Brady in the Palyoffs this will just add too his already greatness for my money though Peyton Manning is still the best player in the NFL too. one of the greatest of his and our generation.  – Phillip from Galt

Divisional Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos

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