Athletes going to other teams if to you could see any sports super star go to another team who would you want to see go to another team

November 6, 2014

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So the Lakers are not good  and haven’t been good for a couple season .  Kobe  might be trying to  look for away out of   Los Angeles and leave the Lakers. Kobe has been injury prone and injured the last couple seasons. But if he can stay healthy for the majority of the season and be on the court he still is  threat and a superstar.

in all my years as a sports fan  I’ve learned anybody can be traded . Jerry Rice and Joe Montana Super bowl champions with the San Francisco  49ers and  MVP pro bowlers the greatest football players at their position ever and  2 all time great they had to find new teams . Joe Montana played for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jerry Rice played for Oakland Raiders and Seattle. Joe contributed to the Chiefs and Jerry Rice was very much a threat and great on the Raiders and helped the Raiders win the AFC championship and go to the super bowl when he played .

I think Kobe can still  contribute as a superstar.    I would love to see Kobe Bryant go to the Sacramento kings it would be a dream  senario to have Kobe Bryant go to his Rivals Sacramento Kings when he used to battle Sacramento Kings for  the championship and in the western Pacific division .  I would love to see  kobe come to the kings and help them go to the playoffs. that would be exciting to see a healthy kobe before he retired contribute to the Kings  ! that would be my example if you could see any player sports star go to another team where would you like to see them go . Kobe to the kings is what  I would like to see ! – Phillip from Galt






















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