The Rock comes back to WWE this past Monday October 6 2014 Monday Night Raw. !! I can smellllll what the Rock is cooking !!!!!!!!

October 9, 2014

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 The Rock came back this Monday on October 6 2014 on WWE Monday night Raw.  The Rock  came back and confronted  Rusev , Rusev and his manager are Lana are anti American to say the least they  trash talk America.  and the fans of WWE.  They are Russian . I know its a storyline but they still get people mad. so the Rock the former WWE / WWF champion made a suprise visit to WWE Monday night Raw. he “clowned ” on  Rusev and Lana  then he gave  Rusev the  Rock  bottom and threw him out of the ring !  it was good to see because Rusev has been bad talking Americans and  America and we got him. The Rock is one of the best too, We could smellllll what he was cooking  !!!    it is unknown if this was a one time visit for the  Rock of if he will fued with Rusev down the line. one thing is for Sure the Rock  loves the WWE and the fan love him ! It is the 15th Annivesary of WWE   Friday night Smackdown tommorow. and The Rock is why Smackdown is called SmackDown. he said I am gonna lay the SmackDown on you and that’s how the show got its name. It was fun to see the Rock on tv  on WWE Monday night Raw in the ring  again – Phillip  from  Galt

The Rock WWE Champion

The Rock one of the Best WWE and wrestling champions of  all 

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The   Rock returns to WWE  Monday Night Raw to  confront the anti Americans Lana and Rusev who have been talking bad about  American. The Rock gave Rusev a  Rock botton and threw him out of the ring.  !! 

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