if you could have any pet domesticated or wild what pet/animal would you like to have

October 9, 2014

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 I just wanted to do this post for fun for a while , so I will post it . if you could have any pet/ animal demesticated or not what pet or animal would you want  to have.  obviously you would have to have some limits maybe the pet doesn’t stay with you maybe you have them somewhere else that can take care of certain animals but if I could have any pets or animals what  animal would you like to have ?

I will start simple I have a dog already so  I will put dog. dogs are loyal they will always greet you when you come back home. you can walk them and love them they are your best friend and for most part are family members too they love you and want to be by you. so I will say a dog

beagle mix

how about a giraffe I like giraffes they have long necks and they are tall I would want a giraffe  


I want and elephant too. Elephants are big and strong, I think they like peanuts. I like Elephants because  I like their trunk and they can get water in it and spray it out too. and I like elephants too because I like the Oakland A’s they have an elephant as their mascot . I would walk my elephant too .

elephant 1

elephant 2

also a monkey would be cool  to have . Michael Jackson had bubbles . monkeys are kinda smart. I would walk the monkey too and . I would bring him places and eat hamburgers and donuts with my monkey and monkeys can dance and  play . they can throw  a baseball and they are silly.  I think  a monkey would be fun to  have as a pet 

Michael Jackson Bubbles

Michael Jackson and bubbles his pet chimp/monkey paling around !  

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