Elk Grove, CA Pumpkin festival , This Saturday October 4 and sunday October 5 elk Grove Regional park

October 2, 2014

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 so do you like local events and fun things to do in and around town. well I have got one for you . how about the Elk Grove Pumpkin festival happening Saturday October 4 and sunday October 5  at Elk Grove Regional park off of  highway  99. check it out  ! there will be live music there also performances by group, arts and craft for kids Giant pumpkins  and pumpkins for sale . and also  new this Year the Pumpkin Pie eating contest with world famous celebrity major league eating contest champion Joey Chestnut. Joey Chestnut is a San Jose , northern California home town guy.  he is always in the 4th of July Coney Island Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest. he used to beat his rival Kobayashi from Japan . Chestnut and Kobayashi would always be the closet and compete to win. Chestnut one time ate 69 hot dogs in the hot dog eating contest. so go check out that event beggining around 1 :30 p Elk Grove Regional Park  Sunday October 5  2014 elk Grove , Ca  have a good weekend  _ Phillip from Galt 

Elk Grove Pumpkin eating contest

Joey Chestnut the 4th of July Nathan’s hotdog eating champion will be at the Elk grove Giant Pumpkin Festival in a pumpkin pie eating contest. come check it out !  Sunday October 5 

Elk Grove Pumpkin festival 2

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