Alex Smith playing his old team the San francisco 49ers . this weekend in the 49ers new stadium Santa Clara Levi Stadium . Colin Kaepernick vs Alex Smith

October 2, 2014

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 so this weekend is a big weekend for the 49ers and for  Alex Smith  former quarterback of the 49ers .Alex Smith was with the  49ers from 2005 to 2012. Alex Smith is now the chiefs starting quarteback and  this weekend Alex smith takes the Chiefs with Head coach Andy Reid to Santa Clara to the 49ers new stadium Levi’s stadium . Alex Smith was replaced by Colin Kaepernick when head   coach Jim Harbaugh and the GM Trent Baalke chose to replace  Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick following a consussion and Alex Smith  was relegated to back up quarteback . Alex Smith left the 49ers and went to the Kansas city chiefs in 2013.  this is an intresting game the 49ers just came off a big win and beat previously undefeated  Philiadelphia last week in a solid win at Levis stadium. the 49ers have had some injury issues with Vernon davis and others.  But Colin Kaepernick looked really strong with his running game and his passes to.  The 49ers and coach Harbuagh know Alex smith so they might know how to stop him they know him as a player and certain things he will do in the game ! I think Colin Kaepernick will want to beat his former team mate Alex smith and want to make some big plays in  his running game with his feet and make some big throws too.  Colin Kaepernick will want to show Alex Smith why the 49ers is his team I think and will be pumped up if the 49ers win it will be a big win because so far the Chiefs are looking like a good team and to get the win over a former team mate is always big and fun 

on the flip side Alex smith wants to beat the 49ers. he want to prove they made the wrong decision. he won’t admitt it because he is mostly professional . But i think he will be playing with a chip on  his shoulder and wanting to beat the 49ers really good. Alex  Knows the 49ers team and their schemes and packages so  I think Alex Smith will be pumped up to play his former team and Alex smith just came off  a big win on monday night football  against the Patriots , smith has the Chiefs offense working good and he is looking good and can make big plays .  I think this game will be a top game this weekend it will be a lot  of fun !Alex smith Kanass City Chiefs aways jersey

Alex Smith brings his Kansas city Chiefs into Santa Clara Levi’s stadium to  play his old team and team mates the San Francisco 49ers 

Colin Kaepernick 1

Colin Kapernick will be looking to get the 49ers  their second win in a row against his fomer team mate and fellow  quarterback Alex Smith and the Kansas city Chiefs 

Colin Kaepernick and Alex smith 49ers team mates and quater backs

Colin Kaepernick and Alex smith when they were 49ers team mates ! 

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