Derek Jeter is Amazing . Another great moment in his career

September 26, 2014

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so Derek Jeter’s career as a Yankee and as Major league baseball player is coming to an end in the next few days , because he is set to retire ! and today September 25, 2014 was Derek Jeter’s last home game at The new Yankees Stadium . Derek Jeter has had a lot of career accomplisments and honors and awards and great moments from winning gold gloves, being MVP , being the all time Yankees hits leader, winning world series championships and producing big plays and hits in the World series  from being the Captain !  The Captain of the Yankees  !  now you can add 1 more cool moment to the career of Derek Jeter maybe as they say ” ride off in to the sunset “  . today September 25, 2104 Thursday was Derek Jeter’s final game as a MLB and Yankees player, because the Yankees are not making the playoffs . but how about this for  final moment in you last home game . Derek Jeter in his last at bat at his final game at Yankees stadium in the 9th inning hit the game winning run that scored the go ahead run , the game was tight and Derek Jeter came through it was  nearly a home run ! the Yankees beat the Orioles 6- 5 . what a moment and a way to close out one of your final games and your final home game. Derek Jeter 1 more cool  moment. Congratulations on a great career 

Derek Jeter gold glove

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