Saying the Lord's prayer / saying prayer before high school football game , high School cheerleaders stick up for their right , high school in TN

September 25, 2014

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 This story is out of Tennessee , at a  Tennessee high school. the Lord’s prayer was  said before the high school football game over the Public Address announce system. there was complaint by atheist group that it was violation of church and state. The captains of the cheerleading squad Asia Canada and Alley Meyers heard the school banned the Lord’s prayer from being said on  the PA system. so the girls gathered the cheerleading squad and  said it in a group circle the crowd then joined in.  Good for you girls !!!  they said on an interview on Fox and friends on Fox news channel that the Lord’s prayer makes them feel good a lot of people are a faithful and close community. they said they pray for all the players not to get hurt and for eveybody to get home safe. I want to tell these girls good for standing up for their rights what they believe in.  keep the prayers going girls ! good job 

cheerleaders circle up and pray

The Girls Asia Canada and Alley Myers with the cheerleading squard circle up and pray before the game 

Oneida High Cheerleaders

Alley Myers and  Asia Canada the two cheerleading high school captains on Fox news channel explain why they pray and will continue to pray before high school football games. good job girls ! 

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