Cool picture of the Day !! Hulk Hogan

September 25, 2014

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 I am a big wrestling  fan . hulk Hogan is one of my most favorite Pro wrestlers ever. i like when he was champion and he beat all the greats like Macho Man and the Undertaker and Ric Flair and Andre the Giant Sgt. Slaughter Hulk hogan has the big Leg drop wrestling move  and it was over he beat a lot of wrestlers and won the Wrestling championship with his leg drop. I like the training , vitamins and prayers I’m a Hulkamaniac brothers.  so it was a cool picture when I saw a picture Hulk Hogan shared on his facebook I liked it and wanted to share it he is out on his bike bicycle , it look like he is having fun . good for  you Hulk hogan ! Hulkamania on a bicycle !

Hulk Hogan on a bike

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