Michael Sam signing with The Dallas Cowboys and invited to WWE Monday Night Raw !

September 4, 2014

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 Michael Sam made headlines when he came out openly gay he is a defensive end he came out of University of Missouri. he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in four preseason games he had 11 tackles and 3  sacks including  a team leading 6 tackles in the last pre season game . Michael Sam was ultimately cut from the Rams and didn’t even make the  practice squad which is kinda crazy to me. I think Sam has potential and will get better.  when Sam came out as being openly gay there was criticism and controversy if he would be accepted toward other players in the locker room and by coaches  and staff and fans.  Sam  was cut by the Rams .The Dallas Cowboys brought him in and he passed his physical now he will be a member of the cowboys. Kudos to the cowboys for taking a chance on Sam. he looks like he will be a  good pass rusher ! 

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Michael Sam  with the Dallas cowboys defensive end. Michael Sam grew up in Texas and always like the cowboys . 

Michael Sam on WWE  Monday night Raw ??  

after Michael  Sam was cut by the Rams . the WWE sent Michael Sam an invite to be on WWE monday night Raw !  they said he would have had an open mic to tell NFL team why they should pick him up.  but now that he got picked up by the Cowboys  I guess he won’t need to come to  Raw this time but WWE said he has the open invite anytime.  maybe he can tape a segment and be on the big screen  and thank WWE and the  WWE fans the WWE Universe for their support.  Maybe Sam  will be the Monday night Raw guest host for  one week  !!   and mix it up with some  Wrestlers  . all the best to Michael Sam and his career in the NFL.  

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