Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Doggy dogg is not a fan of Steelers Offensive Coordinator coach Todd Haley

August 29, 2014

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 Snoop Dogg is not a fan of Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley would be and understatement !  Snoop dogg recently made a video and posted it. Todd Haley has been in the NFL  and has had many coaching jobs. he was the offensive coordinator when the Arizona Cardinals made the Super Bowl when Kurt Warner was the quarterback. Todd Haley is now the offesnive coordinator in Pittsburgh for the Steelers. Snoop Dogg’s video was posted online and Snoop said among other things he say Mike Tomlin , (  Tomlin the Head coach that lead the Steelers to a super bowl championship ) snoop dogg said ” Mike Tomlin you need to fire this mother F_ _ _ _ _ ”  you fill in the blanks !  we haven’t won a playoffs or been to a super bowl since he has been our coordinator. ! wow  !!  Snoop dogg sorry you are un-happy with your team, don’t worry  we have all been there things will get better !  - Phillip from Galt !

snoop dogg steelers love

rapper , entertainer , performer, emcee  super Star Snoop dogg is a big Steelers fan not happy with his team and offensive coordinator Todd Haley ! 

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Todd Haley

steelers offensive coordinator  Todd Haley !  

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