Phillip from Galt's throwback Jams for Throwback thursday and WWE shout outs from Big E Langston from WWE kofi Kingston and R truth

August 29, 2014

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 so I went out to WWE and met some wrestlers in Stockton, CA ! Big E Langston the former Interconteintal champion and a strong man and good wrestler i met  Kofi Kingston a WWE Wrestling star. kofi has been a WWE tag team champion a United states champion and a intercontenintal champion and is a high risk move wrestler he is high flying and he is exciting to watch and  I met  R truth he say What’s up he has been a tag team champion with Kofi Kingston and  a United States champion too. R truth  has good wrestling moves and is a strong in the ring . I met all of them I got shout outs from them and   this is my Throwback  thursday old school Jams for  August 28 2014  Thursday  click play and listen – Phillip from Galt 


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Big E WWe interconteintal champion

Big E  from WWE interconteintal champion 

kofi kingston psd19455

Kofi Kingston as  WWE tag team champions 

R truth r truth 16913331 1920 1200

R truth What’s Up !! WWE 

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