Lance Briggs All Pro , Pro Bowler , NFC champion player in 2006 local out of Elk Grove, playing for the chicago Bears is set to open Resturant in Elk Grove Labor day Monday September 1 2014

August 29, 2014

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 Hey Guys Lance Briggs from Elk Grove who has been an outstanding player for the Chicago Bears is coming home to Elk Grove for the Grand Opening of his Resturant  . Lance  Briggs is a linebacker for the Bears he has been great on defense for the Bears he makes lots of play tackles and sacks he is  a  Pro Bowler , All Pro and was apart of the Bears team that won the NFC championship in the 2006 season. well Lance Briggs will be out at his restuarant for the Grand Opening  Monday September 1 2014 in Elk Grove here are the details. it looks like it will be a steak house.  well go check out the food and restaurant and you  can sign up to win  a trip to Chicago if you spend more than  $20  it looks like the details below. shout out to our home town guy Lance Briggs . all the best with your resturant ! 

Lance Brigg Resturant

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