WWE coming to town this weekend Tommorow 8 - 22-2014 Friday at Stockton arena ! Saturday Sleep Train Arena Sacramento, CA Saturday 8- 23-2014

August 21, 2014

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 WWE coming to our Area ! tommorow August 22, 2014 Friday they will be at Stockton Arena . and  on Saturday they will be in Sacramento August 23, 2014.  WWe is always fun.  its fun to see your favorite WWE wrestlers . sometimes if you sit close to the ring  the wrestlers will give you a  high 5 when they come to the ring.  I want to  see  John Cena he just lost the WWE title at Stummerslam but he is the 15 time world heavyweight champion he appreciates the fans. he is one of my favorite. I like when he says you can’t see me !!   I like the WWE Divas I hope I see  Natalia Neidhart. she is a former and she can beat any of the divas. I want to see the  big show I love to see the Big show he is a big powerful wrestler he is huge and  he is the worlds largest athletes and he is former  WWE world heavyweight champion. so all the WWE fans check out WWE this weekend  in Stockton on Friday and  on Saturday  WWE in Sacramento .  - Phillip from Galt 

wwe john cena world heavyweight champion by simonlee1 d7no9nl

John Cena even though he lost the belt at Summerslam he is still the best wrestler and will win again he never gives up !! one of the best 

Natalya as refree

Natalya Neidhart my favorite WWE Diva  I hope to see her in Stockton CA

big show  wwe world heavyweight championship by naif1470 d5powpp

The Worlds largest and best Athlete former WWE champion and WWE the big show is fun watching his size and how nice he is and one of the best WWE wrestlers ever  will be in Stockton and Sacramento !  

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