Throwback Thursday / Stockton Con Re- Cap

August 14, 2014

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So I had a chance to head down to Stockton Con, this weekend ! It was so fun ! it was in Stockton , CA at the Stockton Arena . I saw people in costumes like I saw spiderman and I saw Daffaney from Scooby doo ! I met 2 of my favorite Wrestlers too. Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hoooooooooooo USA USA, hacksaw jim Duggan is so nice ! he had his 2×4 with him and he and me did a thumbs up !!Hacksaw Jim Duggan always came to the ring with the Red , white and Blue the American Flag old glory and always represented the USA and I remember he beat King Haku and he was the king of the WWF / WWE ! I liked Hacksaw jim Duggan’s finishing wrestling move the 3 point stance tackle ! I also met The Hardcore legend Mick Foley . He was was dude love and was tag team champions with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Dude love wore tye dye shirts and was groovy ! I like Mick Foley because he wont the WWF / WWE belt from Corporate Rock and never gave up he always put his body on the line like when the Undertaker threw  him off the Hell in a cell and he was getting stretchered out he got off the stretcher and wanted More Mick Foley you are classy and one of the best ! Stockton Con was great.

me Phillip from Galt and Spider man 2 Stockton con Sunday August 10 2014

Stockton Con Stockton Arena 2014 Stockton CA  SpiderMan and me Phillip from Galt

me Phillip from Galt and Daffany from scooby doo Stockton Co Saturday August 9 2014 Stockton Arena

me Phillip from Galt and Daffaney from Scooby doo  !!  Stockton Con Stockton Arena 2014 

me Phillip from Galt with WWE Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan King Hacksaw  3 point stance football tackle picture 1 Stockton Con Stockton arena August 9 2014 Staturday

me Phillip from Galt and WWE Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan !  hoooooooooo  Thumbs up with the  2×4 

me Phillip from Galt and Richard Carrera and wrestling harcore legend former WWE Champion tag team champions with the Rock and Stton Cold Steve Auttin Mick Foley August 10 2014 Stoc

my friend  and me Phillip from Galt in the back and WWE Hall of famer former WWF  and WWE Champion  Mick Foley  ! Stockton Con  2014 Stockton Arena !

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