Stockton Con . this weekend Stockton arena Stockton, Ca Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10

August 7, 2014

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Super Hero fans get ready  !  its the 2014 Stockton Con . super heroes will be there . there will be a costume contest.  there will be comic book artists , movie stars and Wrestling  legends in the House  like Hacksaw  Jim Duggan from WWE he used to have his 2 x 4  he has his American flag .and  he has his finish football tackle move . hooo-ooooo  USA  !   the American Hero !    Hacksaw Jim duggan even beat  king Haku and was the king of the WWF !   there will be  a independent Wrestling show there too and it will be a fun filled weekend down in Stockton , Ca at Stockton Co at the Stockton Arena  !!

Hacksaw Jim Dugga

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