Hulk Hogan on WWE Raw this Monday August 11 2014 for his birthday

August 7, 2014

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Hulk Hogan is celebrating his birthday Monday August 11 . he will be on Raw this Monday. WWE said its his birthday special.  WWE  said the  have special guests for  Hulk hogan’s birthday  WWE Monday night Raw birthday Celebration.!!  WWE is always Hulk Hogan’s wrestling home . Hulk Hogan has beat some of the best with his big leg drop .  He’s beat the late great Macho Man and  Sgt Slaughter when Sgt. Slaughter was on Iraq’s side in the  early  1990’s .  Hulk Hogan body Slammed the 500+ pound Andre the Giant. he took on the Undertaker. Hulk hogan always stood up  for what was right. then in WCW Hulk Hogan was the “villian” he founded the NWO Hollywood black and white with Scott Hall and kevin Nash they took on WCW’s hero like the Great Sting and  Ric Flair. Bill Goldberg. Hulk hogan was  world heavyweight champion 6 times in WCW  and  he ran wild in WCW as Hollywood Hogan and had a mean streak and did anything nessicary to keep his  championship belt.  so here ‘s somethings I think will happen on Raw

Hulk hogan WCW Champion

Hulk hogan WWE 2014 1

Maybe Ric flair will come out and wish Hulk hogan a happy Birthday and  give a birthday wooooo  ! . Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair had some great wrestling  battles !  Hulk Hogan and Ric flair battled for the WCW championship !  The leg drop vs the figure 4 leg lock !

hul hogan ric flair 1779532

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair wrestling . their matches were intense if you couldn’t tell and were bloody as in this case in the picture above


Hulk hogan and Ric flair 2 great  champions

2. there is this wrestler he is Rusev and he has his manager Lana and they are from russia they are beefing with USA and put down USA  Jack Swagger the American,
American and former  world heavyweight champion stoop up to Rusev. Maybe Hulk Hogan can stand up to rusev and punch him out of the ring  ! that would be cool Hulk Hogan always represents  America ! maybe Hulk hogan and Jack Sawgger Zeb Colter can  team up and punch  Rusev and throw him out of the ring and show him what  he has coming to  him at SummerSlam   when Sawgger and  Rusev wrestle at Summerslam

HulkHogan american flag

3. Maybe Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will come out and wish Hulk Hogan  a happy Birthday  and have a NWO reunion !! with the Big Show too. Big show was in the NWO when it was the original NWO when he was the Giant in WCW   ! maybe the NWO can beat up Brock Lesnar  with John Cena too !


Million Dollar Man Ted dibiase  the Giant aka  the Big show Hulk hogan Kevin Nash  and Scott hall NWO  black and white NWO Hollywood

NWo hogan scott hall and kevin nash full2

The founding fathers of  the Nwo  are  Scott Hall Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash 

and I hope brooke Hulk hogan’s  lovely daughter  appears with Hulk hogan on WWE  monday night  raw . maybe she can give her dad a birthday cake or sing happy birthday to  him  .

BrookeHogan 7

So  whatever does happen on Raw I am excited to See hulk Hogan on WWE Monday night Raw. I am a big hulkamaniac and wanted to say happy birthday  to  Hulk hogan  I will tweet this to him  !

0 happy birthday hulk hogan

and becasue its  Throwback thursday today here is a picture of hulk Hogan from Suburban Comando one of hulk hogan’s early movies and he played Shep Ramsey from outer space. !   happy Birthday Hulk hogan ! keep running wild !

Hulk Hogan suburban commando

hulk hogan from one of his first movies Suburban Commando where hulk Hogan played Shep Ramsey  from outer space and had to defend his galaxy and had to save earth .

suburban commando poster 7999

Hulk  hogan Suburban Commando movie



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