Who is gonna leave Oakland the Raiders or A's ????? The Oakland Raiders vs the Oakland A's . Oakland coliseum

July 31, 2014

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 so its no secret that the Oakland Coliseum is old and run down . but i love the coliseum I’ve been to so many Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders games with my dad in my life.  i have great memories with my dad going to games and my brother too. the Coliseum. but the coliseum is outdate. for football they would love more suites and the Raiders do not want to share a stadium with the A’s any longer . The Raiders plan is to tear down  the Oakland Coliseum and  rebuild on the current site a football only stadium.  the Oakland A’s would love a more intimate field for fans close seats to the field and they have expressed interest in the past to moving to San Jose. The A’s just agreeded to a  10 year lease with Oakland to stay at the Oakland coliseum . but if the Raiders made a deal with  city Oakland to tear down the Coliseum and build a football only stadium that includes hotels and reasturants then it this would  force the A’s out of the stadium even though they have a 10 year agreement. it also came out this week  that  Raiders owner Mark Davis was exploring  San Antonio  Texas as the Raiders next home,  the Alamo dome is a 65,000 seat stadium and it has 38 luxury suites in San Antonio Texas.   Mark was impressed with  the Stadium from what was reported. I  wish there was a way the A’s could build a baseball stadium in Oakland and the Raiders could have there news stadium and both team and fan bases would  be happy. but  it seem like one team may leave ?  that is sad and is apart of the bussiness.   i wish the Oakland city officials and  ”city leaders ” and politicians would get their act together and step and see how to keep both team who have had success and belong in  Oakland to stay in Oakland and  suggest where to build a stadium and how they can help out.  only time will tell how all this plays out and what happens and who stays or leaves Oakland because I think the A’s and the Raiders both belong in Oakland . !  


Oakland A’s Oakland Coliseum the A’s made a 10 year agreement to stay in the Oakland Coliseum 

Oakland Coliseum field from Mt  Davis

The Oakland Raiders  want to tear down the Coliseum and build a football only stadium on the current site that would include hotels and restuarants .

Oakland Raiders Logo

Oakland Athletics Logo

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