Say What !??? What ?? Oakland A's trade who? Oakland A's part ways with Yoenis Cespedes.Trade with the Boston Red Sox

July 31, 2014

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 I am a big sports fan and baseball fan and NFL fan  and WWE  wrestling fan .   my favorite team from baseball is the Oakland A’s.    The Oakland A’s today  July 31,2014. traded one of my favorite players.  Yoenis Cespedes. aka the Cuban Missile .Cespedes has been with the A’s since 2012.  He has the nick name  Cuban missile because his homeruns are like shooting a missile . while with the Oakland A’s the  Cespedes  was an All star this season in 2014  and he was 2 x (times)  back to back all star homerun derby champion (2013- 2014 ) .  he perforemed amazing during the homerun derbies. in the 2013  homerun derby he hit a total of  32 homeruns !! in the final round he hit 17 homeruns and  2014 homerun derby was just as impressive !  he didn’t slow down.  Yoenis Cespedes is so powerful and he is a awesome hittter and he has 17 homeruns so far this year in the 2014 season.   he comes through with big play and catches in the outfield too .   I am gonna miss Yoenis Cespedes. I am still gonna be  a fan of the Yoenis Cespedes and gonna follow his career. will  miss  you Yo  . thank you for being an awesome  Oakland A’s player !

yoenis cespedes 4712

Yoenis Cepdes while batting  for the Oakland A’s

Yoenis Cespedes Oakland As 2013 All Star homerun Derby Champion July 15 Monday 2013

Yoenis Cespeds in the 2013 homerun derby . Yoenis Cespdes just kept on hitting on homeruns and didn’t slow down hitting homeruns he put on a great show . amazing feat

yoenis Cespedes Oakland as 2013 All star homerun derby champion 2

Yoenis Cespedes  the 2013  Homerun derby champion  with his homerun derby championship trophy and the  WWE title belt  .

Yoenis Cespedes Oakland As 2014 all star homerun derby champion again

Yoenis Cespedes with  the 2014 all star homerun derby championship again ! Cespedes didn’t slow down in the homerun derby !  Cepdes was a homerun  hitting machine .

Yoenis Cespedes

What the A’s get in the trade 

The A’s add more strong pitching to an already stacked pitching staff they add  pitcher Jon Lester   and they add  outfielder making his  A’s comeback Jonny Gomes. Jonny Gomes was  a fan favorite in Oakland he can come through with  big hits  and great catches in the outfield  . The A’s add some good talent in this trade too but I am gonna miss Yoenis  Cespedes  .


Jonny Gomes back with the Oakland A’s this picture is his first time with the  A’s  

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