Don't rob people's houses and if you do make sure you don't rob a WWE Champions house !!!

July 31, 2014

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Daniel bryan who was the  WWE world heavyweight champion earlier this year. he has been kicking  but in the WWE and has vicious kicks and  knows submission wrestling moves to make his opponett give up. but he was in a real life situation. Daniel bryan and his wife brie  bella one of the bella twins in  WWe were in San diego for an appearance a comic con. the couple came back to the Phoenix home.  and they came home to burglars robbing their house. so Daniel bryan the former  WWE champion  chased one of the burglars and put a choke hold on him.  and held him at bey til the police came.  so let this be a lesson to you robbers and burglars don’t rob houses to begin with and if you don’t rob a  WWE champions house   #Stupid  !!    

daniel bryan wwe world heavyweight champion

WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel bryan  !!   

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