Stockton Con Coming to Stockton, CA weekend of August 9-10 Stockton Arena, Super herose, comic book artists , movie stars and WWE Wrestling legends will be in the House ! Hacksaw Duggan hoooo-ooooooooo and Jake the Snake will be there !

July 23, 2014

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Stockton, Ca  . I got a cool event to tell you about Stockton Con at  Stockton arena in Stockton, CA.  Super heros will be there. and you can come  and represent your favorite super hero there will be a costume contest at the  Stockton Con . comic book artists will be there, the artists that actually  draw you favorite comic book characters, movie stars will be there.   there will be an independent wrestling show  with the wrestlers of Pro Wrestling bushido .  bobby hart wrestles there , sir Samari, Torch !!  also WWE wrestling legends will be in the House !!

Hacksaw  Jim Duggan  remember he  represented the USA  , he carried the American flag   old  glory to all the matches  he wrestled in,  he beat King Haku and was the King of WWE / WWF  he had the football tackle move !!  Hoooooo – ooo ! Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be in the house  at Stockton Con August 9, 10   2014  check it out.

Hacksaw Jim Dugga

Also Jake the Snake  Roberts will be in the house  too  ! Jake the snake Roberts is also a  WWE hall of famer.    Jake the snake  his vicious  DDT  finishing move ! he always carried damien  his huge python in toe in a bag when he wrestled in a match and he has a king cobra snake too. i hope he doesn’t bring his snakes to Stockton  Con ! well  go out to  Stockton con August 9  and  10

Jake Roberts

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