Lebron James Returning home to Cleveland Cavaliers ! / The best Returns home in sports/ Oakland Raiders/ Jerome bettis the bus and Hulk hogan WWE

July 16, 2014

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So Lebron James mad his 2014 decision he is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers . where he started his NBA career. he was only 19 years young when he first got drafted in the NBA. fresh out of high school .Lebron is from Ohio Akron, Ohio. Cleveland is his home town team. Lebron is an NBA MVP. and when he left his home town team than fans were not happy with him. fans burned his jersey. Lebron lead the Cavaliers to the post season and to a conference finals appearance. when he left the fans felt he was chasing money and being greedy . Lebron went to the Miami Heat to former super star team with him self and Chris bosh and Dwayne Wade. The heat and Lebron won 2 NBA championships Lebron was finally a NBA champion ! Lebron is a great scorer he can make the big plays and wants to be the one to make the game winning and big shots. he is an NBA finals MVP and champion with the Miami heat . Now Lebron is on his way back home he is goin back to where it all started his home town Cleveland Cavaliers and is making it right between him and his home town Cleveland Cavalier fans . they forgive him and happy to embrace him and have him back . they are hoping big things from their Cavaliers and hope Lebron can lead the way and bring them a championship .

lebron cleveland home

King James  all smiles he’s headed back home back to Cleveland Cavaliers 

Best Sports Returns home

so I came up with a few other Big Returns home in Sports

1.) in 1995 the Oakland Raiders returned home to the Oakland and play at the Oakland Coliseum . the Raiders moved to Los Angeles after being in Oakland since the 1960’s they won super bowls with guys and hall of famers like  Fred Belitnekoff Super bowl XI MVP .  and hall of famer tackle offensive linemen Art shell and Gene Upshaw . they had a really tough defense that put a lot of fear  in people Jack Tatum the Assassin and har hiting safety George Atkinson. the Raiders won 2 super bowls in Oakland  under Hall of famer coach John Madden and  Head coach  Tom Flores.   The Snake Kenny Stabler who could slitter away like a Snake that’s how he got his nick name the Snake , Owner AL Davis was lured to LA to play in the Los Angeles Coliseum !! AL was commissioner of the AFL  American football league.  AL always took chances on players he got the “misfits” player of the league and put them on the Raiders. The Raiders moved to LA in 1982. and stayed there until  1994. They came back to  the Oakland  Coliseum in 1995.  they have had great memories since coming back they made the super Bowl in 2003 and were the AFC championship. they have had really great players like Tim brown they got Jerry Rice in 2001  and  Rich Gannon was league MVP. now the Raiders in 2014 are looking to get back to winning. having the Raiders in Oakland  feels right !! one of the best returns home in sports 

oakland raiders wallpaper 12

2.)  Jerome Bettis the Bus who played for the  Los Angeles Rams and  the Pittsburg steelers was a powerful powerful halfback he earned the nickname “bus’ because how he ran over opposing player. he would rumble his way in the endzone. when Pittsburgh steelers made super Bowl XL against the Seattle seahawks Jerome Bettis  returned to his native Detroit , MI.   Jerome Bettis was always well respected but always wanted to get that championship ring and he was alreday a great back and had great numbers in rushing and touchdowns and Jerome  Bettis and the steelers won the super bowl !  and Jerome Bettis last game was at home and he went out as a Super Bowl champion. it doesn’t get better than that ! 

nfl steelers super bowl xL bettis jerome 36 white 2006 stockpic1

3 .) Hulk hogan . when Hulk Hogan came back to the WWE , he went to the WCW in 1994 and he started the notorious faction called the NWO.    The Nwo went to wrestling wars with wrestlers like Sting and Ric Flair and other wrestlers in WCW.  Hulk Hogan was the champion in WCW but his wrestling will always be WWE where he was the best champion and  battled everybody and had big wins like when he body slammed Andre the Giant. when he beat the Macho Man Randy Savage. hulk hogan is the man and is running wild everytime he comes back to  WWE  is great.  it feel right he is the champion and has the 24 inch pythons and can run wild on you  !!  Hulk Hogan  may be done with his wrestling in ring career but he make appearances and can Hulk Up if he has too and can throw you out of the ring !  WWE is hulk hogan’s home ! 

Hulk hogan WWE 2014 1

WWE Hall of famer Hulk  Hogan the Best WWE champion brother


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