Oakland A's send 6 players to the All Star game , they aquire Jeff Samardzija starting pitcher from the Cubs

July 9, 2014

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 The Oakland A’s send  6 awesome players top the all star game. Yoenis Cespedes who is always on a tear with amazing power and always comes up with big plays in the outfield and can  provide big hits with his power, they send Brandon Moss who makes big plays and comes up with Big hits ! Scott Kazmir Oakland A’s pitcher   who has been pitching really good .closer Sean Doolittle  made the all stars ever since taking over as  the Oakland A’s closer he has been very entertaining he it seems like he plays with a chip on his shoulder !!  Sean Doolittle is intense on the mound . Catcher Derek Norris has made the all stars now . he has made some amazing  plays behind the dish  and has came up with some monster big hits .  and  Josh  Donaldson  made the all stars  Donaldson has been tearing it up.  he makes plays at third base and his bat is hot .   the A’s players are scrappy and don’t give up and  there is a different hero and somebody that steps up all the time !

 here is the  2014 All stars in their picture.  included is  newly aquired Starting pitcher the A’s got in a trade with the Cubs  Jeff Samardzija.  Samardzija had his A’s  debut on Sunday July 6 at the Oakland Coliseum  .  he struck out 5 batters against the Blue Jays.  Samardzija is intense. he had  a very good 2.83  ERA with the Cubs but because the Cubs are not a winning team and couldn’t provide hits his record wasn’t good. but now he ‘s with the A’s   Samardzija is a big guy  he is intense he has the heat he has a fast ball  95 mph .    Samardija was a two star player at the University of Notre Dame he was a football reciever and was a good target for bardy Quinn he has good hands and was a reliable reciever making touchdowns and good cathees.   Samardzija  was also selected to the all star game but is ineligible because he made it as a  Cubs pitcher on the National  League but now he is with the Oakland A’s  American league he will be sitting in the AL  dugout during the All star. Go Oakland A’s stay healthy and continue the good year !!

Oakland As 2014 Alll stars Cepedes Brandons Moss Scott Kazmir pitches Sean Doolittle closing pitcer cather Derek Norris and Josh Donaldson and pitcher Jeff Samardzija

OAkland A’s 6 all stars Cespedes ,scott Kazmir starting pitchers  , Brandon  Moss , Sean Doolittle  closing pitcher , Derek Norris Catcher , Josh Donaldson 3rd base and  making it for the NL  all stars but  he won’t play since he is now  on the Oakland A’s and in the American legue new pitcher  Jeff Samardzija  !

July 5 or 6 2014 newly signed pitcher Jeff Samardzija aquired for the cubs struck out 5 in his Oakland As debut

Samardzija’s  Oakland A’s debut was this past Sunday  July  6 2014 at the Oakland Coliseum he go the win against the Toronto BlueJays   and  struck out 5. here Samardzija is reacting after a big play  !!  

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