John Cena now a 15 time World heavywieght Champion wrestling !! WWE

July 2, 2014

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 John Cena is one of my favorite guys of all time. he is a 15 time world heavyweight champion. WWE champion.  he is the best ! he is a legendary wrestler right up there with  Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. John Cena fights for the good and he beats the wrestlers that take the short way out and cheat  like Randy Orton and  Triple H and  Bray Wayatt.  John Cean is cool  ! I like when he says  You can’t see me ! I like when he says the champ is here !!   he has the best wrestling moves like the stf move and can make you tap out !!   and he has the attitude adjustment where he dumps you on the mat.  !!  John Cean also appreciates the fans.  he  gives his shirt and his gear to the fans !!  he gives his time and has granted over hundreds of make a wish  kids that their wish is to meet John Cena  !!  John Cena now only trails Ric Flair who has 16 championships.   Congratulations to the champ John Cena  !!  one of my favorite wrestlers  !!  The Champ  is here !  - Phillip  from Galt 

John Cena 15 time wwe world heavyweigh champion 2014


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