Cookies ! Getting stuck in a tree ! Bear Getting stuck in a tree with you head stuck in a cookie jar !! picture

July 2, 2014

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Cookies. I love  Cookies.  chocolate chips , oreos. all kinds.  So a Bear got stuck in a tree . and  somebody left a cookie jar out and the bear got his head and part of his body stuck in the cookie jar .  and he got afraid when people were trying to rescue him from getting un-stuck  from the cookie jar.  but he ran up the tree so the bear was stuck in the tree and with the cookie jar still stuck on his head.  they finally rescued the bear. I like cookies but I don’t think  it would be worth getting stuck for  !  here is the picture below  !!  poor bear !!  I hope he feels better.  remember Whinne the  Pooh bear used to get stuck in the honey pot jar  !!    be more careful next time bear !!

Bear stuck in tree stuck with his head in cookie jar

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