2014 4th of July Hot dog eating contest Coney Island , NY

July 2, 2014

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 So one of my favorite things about 4th of July is watching the big Hot dog eating contest .  its fun to see how much hot dogs these competitive eaters  can eat in a short amount of time. Joey Chestnut from out of San Jose  has the record of eating 69 hot dogs in the contest .  the ladies also have a contest too . the best  hot dog eating champion for the women is this little woman she is tiny but she can put away hot dogs Sonya Thomas ! she has the record for 45 hot dogs eaten during the hot dog eating contest. I think I might have 1 or 2 hot dogs on 4th of  July not 69 hot dogs !! not for me !! I like who ever wins the contest win the yellow mustard belt .  enjoy eating the Hot dogs everybody and Go Joey Chestnut !

Hot dog eating contest 4th of Juyly

Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest . 4th of July Coney Island , NY !

chestnut and Sonya Thomas

Joey Chestnut left and  Sonya Thomas right  !! Hot dog contest eating winning champions  Joey Chestnut mens champion and Sonya Thomas womens hot dog eating champion . 

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