Lebron James King James and the Miami Heat came up short of winning another title and going for the three-pete !

June 18, 2014

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so the San Antonio Spurs are our 2014 NBA champions. Which means Lebron James , Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade and the Miami  Heat didn’t  3 pete !!   the Spurs won 4 games to 1 . so now Lebron has another “decision ” to make will he opt out of his contract or  Stay with the Heat ? I think even though Miami didn’t win the championships and Lebron couldn’t help his heat win the championship Lebron is still the best out there.  he  is an MVP and won 2 championships and is and All star and even though the heat did not win the championship they became the 4th team in NBA history to reach 4 consecutive NBA finals. Lebron lead the heat there, he  James can make the big shots and is still the best. I think he will ultimately continue to play with Wade and Bosh and still be the big three and it could be possible the big 3 take pay cut and get Carmelo Anthony. then we would see a big super team  !!    I will be supprised if King James leaves Miami  but won’t be shcocked.  !!!  

Lebron James

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