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June 11, 2014

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so I am watching the NBA finals 2014 the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat . I was thinking of some other great sports championship  moments / teams and / players .

and I wanted to tell you some of my favorite sports championship moments / teams and players

1. Jerry Rice is the best reciever  of all time , he is the g.o.a.t .  in football the greatest of all time !!  Jerry Rice played with Joe Montana and Steve Young two of the best quarterbacks of all. Jerry Scored touchdowns in every Super Bowl he played in.  He  was super Bowl winner and  super Bowl MVP  in Super Bowl  XXIII  . Jerry Rice had caught 11 passes for 215 yards and a touchdown in his Super Bowl  MVP  performance.   Jerry Rice caught everything is the leading reciever  in every statistic . he always found away to catch the football and  wanted to win and did win.   Jerry Rice one of the best champions


Jerry Rice 49ers wide  reciever Pro football hall of famer

2)   Joe Montana is the best Super Bowl champion winning quarterback , he had a come back win in  the 1989 Super Bowl game  super bowl XXIII in his 2nd Super Bowl win against The Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl. Joe also  lead the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV in 1990  where the San Francisco 49ers beat The Denver Broncos and John Elway   55 – 10 Joe Montana threw for 5 touchdowns in that super Bowl he always kept cool and calm that why they nicknamed Joe Montana to Joe Cool. Joe Montana is one of the best Championship player ever

joe montana greatest qb

San Francisco 49ers legendary quarterback and Pro football hall of famer Joe Montana

joe Montana Super bowl trophy

Joe Montana with one of his 4 super bowl trophies he won as the San Francisco  49ers  quarterback   .

3. )  When the 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl  XXIX   . this was one of my favorite sports  championship  moments being a San Francisco 49ers fan.  Steve Young had replaced 4 time super bowl winning quarterback pro bowler and MVP Joe Montana, Steve Young was  pro bowler in his own right and was a great player in his own right and when he made it to the super bowl he  proved he was  champion he threw for 6 touchdowns in this game.  Brent Jones  tight end of the 49ers contributed to the 49ers winning and getting to the super Bowl he made big catches and touchdowns.  and Jerry Rice was awesome again scoring a touchdown again in the super bowl on defense they had play makers like Deion Sanders cornerback one of the  all time greats. he made an intereception in the Super Bowl which sealed the 49ers victory in the Super Bowl .  the 49ers were amazing that year it was a great team  one of  my favorite championship teams

steve Young 49ers super bowl champion

Steve Young 49ers  Super Bowl winner in the 1995 Super Bowl  Steve Young took over for Joe Montana who won 4 super bowls as the 49ers quarterback  Steve Young proved to be a winner and a great quarterback as well  winning the 49ers 5th Super Bowl title.  and throwing for  6 super bowls in the game !

4 . The Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. and Head Coach  Phil Jackson . Phil Jackson was a great head coach he made Michael Jordan the best basketball player ever , Scottie  Pippen a great player and Dennis Rodman the best defender and rebounder he kept them all together and had them work well as a unit on the floor all had very different personalities. Jordan was the best  the  best at slam dunks, scoring shooting a finals MVP   ,player of the year and just as good was Scottie Pippen his team mate that also won. and helped the bulls win and complimented Jordan well the best duo great at scoring and winning and they had colorful to say the least Dennis  Rodman  , Rodman would sometime wrestle for WCW and party late and would come to play the night after and win.  he was a  handful but was the best rebounder !  Jordan Pippen and Rodman with Coach Phil Jackson won 3 NBA championships together  1996, 1997 , 1998 .! a memorable team with some great talent and the best player

Pippen Rodman Jordan 1

chicago Bulls  Scottie Pippen , Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan teamed up to win 3 consecutive NBA championships  1996   – 1998

rodman3 120320

Phil Jackson was the head Coach of the Bulls and guided them to the NBA championship seen here with  Dennis Rodman

chicago bulls champions Rodman Pippen Phil Jackson hed Coach Michael Jordan

Dennis Rodman , Scottie Pippen Head Coach Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan with their championship trophies Chicago Bulls

Rodman Pippen and Jordan Chicago bulls

5.) L A Lakers Shaq and Kobe  with Phil Jackson as their headcoach

when Shaq and Kobe were playing together with the Lakers it was a dyamic duo. Kobe was the top scorer and is a winner, he could make the pressure and big time shots he is a top player and star and can make the game winning shot. Shaq is one of the best big man of all time.  he was dominant and knew how to use his strength and power and size and he would slam dunk and run over you ,the diesel ! Shaq would rebound and score and dunk it and take it to the bucket ! Shaq and Kobe one of the best tandems ! Shaq and Kobe went head to head with the Sacramento Kings who were a top team in the early 2000’s the kings had Webber , Valde Divac, Mike Bibby , Peja Stoyackavick, Doug Christie , and Bobby Jackson the Kings made it to the western conference finals and lost to the Lakers.  Shaq  and Kobe and the lakers beat great talented kings team ! Shaq and Kobe teamed up and won 3 championships together winning the 2000, 2001 ,2002 NBA Championships together

Kobe and Shaq

Kobe and Shaq  La Lakers

espnLA g shaq kob 600

Kobe and Shaq  with their Championship  trophies !

6.)  The Oakland Raiders, when they had legendary head coach John Madden and he guided the Oakland Raiders to a super Bowl championship. at quarterback the had Kenny the “snake” Stabler who could get away from defenders and slither away like a snake .  the had great Wide reciever Fred Biletnikoff he had the best hands from any other reciever that played . he could catch all footballs thrown his way.  on defense the Raiders had  the fearsome duo defensive backs  George Atkinson and Jack Tatum who would hit you and tackle you so hard they would just about knock you out.  The Raiders have legendary history players and teams

nfl a stabler madden 200

Ken Stable Raiders quarterback going over stradegy with Head coach John Madden

nfl g biletnikoff1 sw 576

Fred Biletnikoff a super bowl MVP and could catch all footballs thrown his way !

122609steelers raiders2

George attkinson 43 ready to make a play

AADZ023Jack Tatum Fallen Prey Photo

Jack Tatum with a Big hit  #32  one of the hardest hitter and tacklers ever in the NFL

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