SummerTime fun ! Summer Memories and fun summertime activites to do ! favorite things about summer

June 4, 2014

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so summer is here ! School is out the weather is warmer and there are more activities to do  out side . so here is a few of my suggestions to do during summer . these are my favorite summer memories and favorite things about summer !

1.) take up a new hobby , read,  write letter , sing  , paint, draw or start a collection  like baseball cards

Hobby v Biz

2.)  Go to see a movie,  it always good to go see a movie alone or with family and friends see comedys then you can laugh !   I know how to train your dragon 2 is coming out soon  . don’ forget your candy and popcorn and soda to enjoy with your movie

Movie Theater

3.) Go swimming . Swimming cool you off and its fun and its good exercise and its fun to get wet .

keep calm and go swimming 51

4.)  Go  to a live WWE wrestling event when they come to your town , meet wrestlers and get autographs and high 5’s and  watch your favorite Wrestlers  and wrestling matches 06 show set2

WWE live event WWE Monday night Raw

John Cena live WWE event

John Cena during a live WWE event

5. California  State fair is during summer. there are concerts , games to play and to win, activities and more get a corn dog and go to the fair !

California State fiar 2014

california state fair 2013 generic

6 .)  Ice Cream is one of my favorite things to do at summer . Eating Ice cream it makes my sweet tooth happy its good , it cooling , it cool you down when you eat ice cream

ice cream cones

7.)  I like the girls of coures . girls are so pretty and I like their bathing suits and hanging out with the girls and  being friends and talking to girls. the girls are so pretty . I want to meet some nice pretty girls and hang out

Eco Panda

8.) drink plenty of water and stay cool during the warm summer months it gets hot the more water the better , it keep you replinished and healthy and happy. you are more alert when you drink your water how much water should you drink every day2

9.)  I always like to have a squirt gun and water wars with balloons and water hose . those were fun getting all wet and getting someone else wet 

water gun water war

1373071365 2013 tel aviv water war underway 2226537

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