California Chrome the race horse good luck all the best for trying to win the Triple Crown Saturday June 7 2014 Belmont stakes

May 21, 2014

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 so California Chrome the  prize race horse has won the kentucky Derby and has won the Preakness and now California Chrome is going for the Triple Crown on June  2014  in the Belmont Stakes.  California Chrome is from Yuba City in the Sacramento area he has local ties.  We are all rooting for him. we haven’t had a triple crown winner in years. Infact never in my life time.  and I am in my 30’s.  California Chrome has the go ahead to wear his nasal strip.  I remember a horse called barbaro in 2006 he won the kentucky derby and we thought he would win the triple crown but when he was practicing for the Prekness he shattered his leg and ultimately had to be put down. I hope California Chrome can stay healthy in the race and these last weeks before the  Belmont stakes race.  it will be exciting to see  California Chrome race in the final leg of the triple crown.  Yuba City mayor has already said  they will be honoring California Chrome and his owners with a parade after the race  and California Chrome will be out there going through town in Yuba City.  so maybe you can try to get a picture with the prize horse if the owners allow it.   Go  California Chrome win the  Triple Crown  June 7 !   – Phillip from Galt 

California Chrome race horse

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