14th Anniversary Wrestling show for Supreme Pro Wrestling was great . Sacramento, CA . Independent Wrestling star Drake Younger going to the WWE also The Joey Ryan former TNA wrestler and independent wrestling legend Joey Ryan Wrestled against Drake Younger for the tv championship belt

April 30, 2014

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 Supreme Pro Wresting  …….  right here  ,  ………  in   Sacramento, California  !!   SPW  for short an independent wrestling organization  rocked the house this Past Sunday  April  27, 2014 . SPW  celebrated their 14 Anniversary show.  the Wrestling event featured   a  Extreme rules match the The SPW Xtreme championship called “fans bring the weapon match ” the Golden Boy put up his  Xtreme championship belt up  . I brang an umbrealla  also they hit each other with chairs and a watermelon . and they used the thumbtacks and slammed each other on the thumbtacks !!   It was a fun show ! also  Drake Younger who has wrestled all over the Pro wrestling scene in California wrestled in his final independent wrestling show for now he wrestled Joey Ryan for the Pro Wrestling bushido tv belt. Joey Ryan used to be in TNA he is  fun to watch and can wrestle with the best of them Drake Younger his hungry and a high flyer and does high risk moves he puts his body on the line an gets the fans involved he is not going to WWE.  he will be a star if WWE uses him right. I can see him holding WWE gold in the future. I encourage every wrestling fan to support  local Pro Wrestling show the wrestlers put a hell of a show on entertaining and  they are exciting to watch ! they appreciate the fans the come out.  so go check SPW out  - from Phillip from Galt  

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Drake Younger independent Wrestling Wrestlers  star on the independent scene who is seen here with championships he won on the independent scence in California will now wrestle in the WWE I can see him with WWE gold if the WWE uses him correctly he will have a lots of fans !!  he is exciting to watch his risk moves high flying wrestler   

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