former Sacramento Kings Coach Rick Adelman announces retirement

April 23, 2014

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former Sacramento Kings great Rick Adelman announces retirement from coaching.  While Rick was in Sacramento he guided the Sacramento to the best years they had here in Sacramento history. he led them to the Pacific division champion in 2001  – 2002 season.  while Adelman was here in Sacramento  the kings went to the playoffs and even went to the  Western conferecne finals.  The  Lakers with Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal were  the kings big rivals while  Adelman was hear . the kings had lots of great players and Rick knew how to use them the right way like Webber , Divac, bibby , Doug Christie .  The kings always competed hard while Adelman was coach he had winnning season here in Sacramento as a coach.  most recently he was the coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves .   He brought in former Sacramento Kings player great Bobby Jackson .  All the best to Rick Adelman in his future plans.  I think he might come back to the sidelines as a coach .   a lot of team would be happy to have him and would  and should reach out to him if he decides to come back and coach again  !!   – Phillip from Galt  !

Rick Adelman kings coach

Rick Adelman with some of the great kings Vlade Divac Webber

here is a picture of Rick Adelman as a player of the Kings  Kansas City kings    Rick was a player too 

Sacramento Kings Rick Adelman as player kings

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